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Frequent Asked Questions

Why are your fees higher than my insurance allows?

Every employer contract has a different fee schedule. Interestingly enough, two different employer contracts administered by the very same insurance carrier (such as Aetna, MetLife, etc.) will often have two different fee schedules. Most carriers will tell you their allowable fees are determined by researching the average fees charged within a geographic area. What they may not mention is that an employer may choose to purchase a plan paying at the 50th percentile, 80th percentile, etc. That decision dictates your plans allowable fee. Obviously, there is no single fee that would fit the hundreds of plans we process.

We are obligated to establish a fair fee representing the quality of care we provide. All of our patients are charged the same fee for the same standard of service. We do not discriminate between our insured and non-insured patients.

The fact is… we have consciously chosen to provide excellent dental care to our patients and have carefully calculated what it costs to offer a high level of care. To lower our fees would require us to lower the quality of care we provide to you… we simply do not see that as an option.

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